Behind Luminosity Circus 

Mizz Anthrope (Rachael Penny) // Co-Owner

​​Mizz Anthrope is a multi-disciplined circus artist with a background in aerials, contortion, fire and object manipulation. She always aims to excite, be it bending over backwards, eating fire, or showing a little skin.

She leaves audiences mesmerized with her dynamic blend of contortion, lights, and fire. Mizz Anthrope always brings the heat to the stage to light a spark of circus magic to your life. 

Mizz Anthrope has performed extensively between Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Quebec. Including festivals such as Future Forest, Valhalla Sound Circus, Groove n Bass, Rock The Dock & Electric Pines.

Outside of the festival scene, she has performed for the Halifax Business Awards (2019), Halifax Fringe Festival (2018), Nocturne At Night with Halifax Circus (2017, 2019) & Festival Inspire (2022).  She also operates behind the scenes for performing arts with multiple festivals. 

In Halifax, you can find her performing regularly with the Neo Novas Burlesque Troupe and organizing circus shows for Luminosity Circus.

Kid Cinder (Taylor Thain) // Co-Owner

A little bit wacky theater kid, a little bit daredevil, Kid Cinder is 100% likely to delight you with death defying stunts and make you groan with horrible puns. Growing up he was the kind of child who couldn’t resist sticking his hand on a hot stove or pulling flaming sticks out of a bonfire so everyone should just be thankful he found the circus as a constructive outlet for those urges.

Discovering object manipulation in 2011 while watching hippies hula hooping at a rave, he dove headlong in and quickly began amassing skills. He jumped through hoops, poi, staff (contact, doubles or otherwise) and now even flirts a bit with juggling. It’s hard to make a grown adult that loves to play with toys “not weird”, but if you squint and tilt your head just right Kid Cinder comes pretty close to managing it. Sometimes.

During his adventure to learn all the things, his heart kept bringing him back to setting stuff on fire. To that end he has studied under some of the best fire eaters, breathers and manipulators in the world (I’d name drop them but would they mean anything to you? Just trust me; they’re great.) and has developed an impressive catalog of skills that leave audiences amazed. Truly an example of where a burning passion can take someone. He wrote that last bit. I told you the puns were bad.


Something Els

Something Els is a multi-disciplinary performer who has been on stages for over 15 years. She holds a degree in Acting from Dalhousie University and began her journey in the world of circus in 2013. Engaging, sassy, and jaw-droppingly talented, she's sure to add a little Something Els to your event.

Amanda Hobbs

Amanda Hobbs is a performance artist with a flair for the dramatic, based out of Halifax, N.S. She is a clown at heart. Her work is informed by a background in ballet, hip-hop, and musical theatre. She brings a delightful taste of mystery with her exploration of flow arts. Fusing the worlds of her previous dance experience with aerial acrobatics, Amanda brings fluidity, and a special spark to her performances.

Martha Barrett

Martha is a multi disciplinary circus artist from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, and has been performing since 2015. Focusing primarily on aerial circus arts, she has performed acts for Nocturne, cabaret shows, and feature length circus shows all over Atlantic Canada. Whether performing on the aerial silks, or as part of an acrobatics group, her unique blend of strength and musicality is sure to astound.

Zupiter Circus Arts

Zupiter Circus arts is a circus performance artist that brings passion and life to her acts. Specialising in hula hoops, flow arts, and aerial arts including lollipop lyra she is sure to sparkle and dazzle while she soars high.

The Jugglin Bubblers

The Jugglin Bubblers are a whimsical duo based out of Halifax Nova Scotia.

They can be found on international stages and dance floors with their unique and playful style of circus. Specializing in partner juggling and hat manipulations mixed with the art of bubble magic, these multidisciplinary clowns are sure to leave you charmed and amazed.

Myrrh Cat

Cat is an aerial silks performance artist and instructor with five years of aerial training and a background in fine arts.

Cat’s work contains elements of storytelling and character creation though bold and high contrast imagery. Their/her stories and characters are typically conveyed with a darker edge that displays that beauty can be found in many forms, especially in the non-conventional.

Cat is always inspired by and interested in collaborative projects and developing community through the arts.

Nathalie Thibert

Nathalie Thibert is a multi-disciplinary aerial artist based out of Halifax, NS. Specializing in aerial rope and sling, she enjoys exploring themes around the human condition through movement and dance. Having taken a short break from the stage, she is ready to return to it- looking forward to finding her unique place within the local performance community.

Maddie Morris

Maddie has been performing since 2014 with a focus on hula hoop and aerial silks!

She is very passionate about aerial arts and love to share that with others and wow a crowd!

Lumen Lux

Lumen Lux is a multifaceted performer who fell in love with the arts at a young age. Beginning her fire journey in 2016, Lumen progressed from spinning fire to eating it. Their many talents also include hooping, flow arts, go-go and burlesque.

Lumen’s passion for the fire arts is what gives them the drive to make dynamic and exciting acts.

Flow Like Mad

Flow Like Mad discovered hooping in 2018, and it was like discovering a part of her that was missing. Since finding that passion she has been exploring flow, fire and circus arts as a way to express herself, as well as inspire others. She loves the thrill of performing for a crowd, and is looking forward to providing entertainment for your next event, dazzling the audience with tricks, mesmerizing them with magical movements and melting their minds with Fire or LED performances.


A 'smol' colourful, creature of flow. SpacePaws actually originates from the west coast of Canada, but they have now built a nest in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It is here where they discovered the joy of movement, hoop, fans, fire and more. SpacePaws has an energy about them, it may make you laugh, it may be wonky - but it will be sure to entertain you should you come across them in the wild. Will you be lucky enough to catch a glimpse?

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